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THIS FORM IS ONLY FOR TRAFFIC TRADING, if you want to submit a free site or a page to the links list add a reciprocal to your page and go TO THIS PAGE

- When you signup i will receive an email, so no need to contact me.

- You asked for the trade, you start sending some traffic! If you're not sending enough it's still possible, if you have good content, that i decide to add your site in the links list, it will get traffic anyway cause all the links go into the archive pages after some time but they will stay online.

- YOU CAN POST ON YOUR SITE ANY PAGE IN MY DOMAIN, you're traffic will be counted from every page as long as it's under the swegold.com domain!

- You need to have a toplist showing who you're trading with on your site

- If your site won't get listed is probably for one or more of these reasons: you're sending bot hits, you trade with hitbotters, your site contains or links to malaware, your site contains or looks like it contains CP, your site is not sending any traffic or your productivity is very poor (like you sent 100 hits wich produced only 5 clicks on my site).

- If I see the Juicy Ads ad in the center of the screen when I open your site, the trade also won't be enabled.

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